Difference between Punjab MDCAT and KPK ETEA Medical Entrance exam.

Every year thousands of people appear in the entrance exams of engineering as well as of medical
college. In 2019, total of about 200,000 students appeared in these competitive exams. There are a lot
of similarities in the medical entrance exam of Punjab and KPK. From the start, UHS MDCAT of Punjab
has much more better management than ETEA. They make a large number of small centers in different
school/colleges in every city just like NTS do. There is availability of washrooms, fans, proper study
chairs with handles. This also reduces traffic problems. Everything is perfect there. On the other hand if
you look at the management of ETEA, till 2018, they used to conduct exams in open grounds of large
sizes in different cities of KPK. A mishap took place last year when ETEA was cancelled due to heavy
rainfall in different cities of KPK. This make ETEA management to think about the alternate solution and
they also come up with the solution of making small centers but still ETEA is not managed properly. They
use wedding/different function chairs instead of proper study chairs. This affect students’ performance
and thus they score low. Let us look at the differences between MDCAT and ETEA one to one which
causes the MDCAT merit to be higher than ETEA:

  1. There is no specific syllabus for ETEA while a proper syllabus is provided to MDCAT students for
  2. MCQs of ETEA are relatively difficult than those of MDCAT.
  3. MCQs of ETEA are shuffled and you never know that the next MCQ will be from which subject.
    This creates confusion in the students mind as he has to switch from one subject to another
    within few seconds. On the other hand MCQs of MDCAT are placed subject wise in sections.
  4. Management of MDCAT is much better than that of ETEA due to which student feels relax and
    can concentrate in MDCAT.
  5. MDCAT have bubble sheets with circles while bubble sheets used in ETEA have octagon which is
    difficult to fill. This consumes a lot of time and increases the chance of mistake.

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